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Mr. Holland's Opus

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Mr. Holland’s Opus

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I surprisingly cry while watching a good, but when Mr. Init was Kind of a Woman. Jan 19,  · "Mr. Holland's Opus" tells the story of 30 years in the life of a high school music teacher named Glenn Holland, who takes the job in the first place as a temporary measure.

His real work, he believes, is to compose music/5.

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Mr. Holland's Opus offers a poignant (albeit sappy) look at personal sacrifice, responsibility, and the impact teachers can have on students beyond the classroom. It's less Stand and Deliver. '90s drama about inspiring teacher has some cursing.

Read Common Sense Media's Mr. Holland's Opus review, age rating, and parents guide. The result is a film of epically hollow sentimentality, a movie that tells you how to feel every step of the way and ends on a symphony of false notes.

The moment when we learn what Mr. Holland's Opus really means makes the ending of "It's a Wonderful Life" look like an exercise in restraint.

Mr. Holland's Opus (United States, 1995)

Mr. Holland's Opus spans thirty-one years in the life of a high school music teacher. When Glenn Holland (Richard Dreyfuss) first comes to the newly-dedicated JFK High School inhe has a dream of spending a few years teaching to accumulate a nest. Jan 18,  · Watch video · Share this Rating.

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Movie review on mr holland opus
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