Strategies on how the government can end racial profiling

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Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling

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Recommendations for future action

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Advocates of racial profiling state that it helps in identifying criminals, preventing crimes, and protecting innocents. They argue that by having a racial profile, they can apprehend a ‘criminal’ before that person hurts someone.

Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling

These supporters say that racial profiling is backed by statistics and science, and that it is not an act of racism. On February 27,President Bush declared before a joint session of Congress that racial profiling “is wrong and we will end it in America.” On June 6, a bill entitled the End Racial Profiling Act of (ERPA) was introduced in both Houses of Congress (S.

Give police tools to avoid racial profiling

/ H.R. ). racial profiling as “any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual who has been. Racial profiling hurts and humiliates these individuals, and does irreparable damage to the relationships between law enforcement and the following the ACLU's recommendations, Congress can help law enforcement to direct its resources where they are truly necessary, ensure that our communities are safe, and reaffirm the core principles of the is the first of eight blogs in the series.

Inthe Robert Wood Johnson Foundation created Finding Answers: Disparities Research for Change, a program to identify, evaluate, and disseminate interventions to reduce racial and ethnic disparities in the care and outcomes of patients with cardiovascular disease, depression, and diabetes.

Communities should consider using a "results-oriented" strategy to end racial profiling -- replacing it with innovative crime-fighting strategies that marry information technology and community.

Strategies on how the government can end racial profiling
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